Parent's Guide to Off-Campus Living

What you need to know

Greetings to our Carolina Parents and Family members! We are glad you are taking an active role in supporting your student's exploration of off-campus life and we hope the information on this website can be useful for both you and your student. 

A few tips for family members:

  1. Engage your student in a conversation about living off-campus early on in their undergraduate experience. They are likely to start hearing about off-campus almost immediately after starting their 1st year, and it is important that you have had some conversation about shared expectations before they call you with an off-campus lease in hand.
  2. Get familiar with the resources on this site. There is information on this site and through consultation appointments with our staff, related to a number of areas that are important for students to understand about living off-campus. You and your students should think through costs, location, roommate/housemates, safety and security, and transportation factors before making a final decision about where to live off-campus.
  3. We strongly encourage a thorough understanding and review of the lease. Here is a thorough explanation from our onsite team, we recommend you and your student review to begin.

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